Spray Grade Contact Adhesive-SY 220 (Eco friendly)

Spray grade, Eco friendly contact adhesive is a mixture of rubber polymers, synthetic resins and stabilizers dissolved in a mixture of solvents, suitable for bonding a variety of laminates to plywood, particleboard, particularly suitable for furniture industry.

Uniform liquid in yellow and orange colors.

  1. Base: Synthesized Rubber
  2. Viscosity: 500-700 cps at 23ºC by Brookfield LV DV-II+,62 spindle, 30 r.p.m
  3. Solid Content: 25± 1%
  4. Density: 0.841± 0.03 g/cm3 at 20ºC
  5. Color: Yellow and Orange
The adhesive is mainly used for furniture manufacturing.
Also it can be used for bonding plastic/fabric laminates, wood, foams and particleboard for flat or post forming applications.
Packaging (Net Weights):
  1. Metal can of 12.9Kg and
  2. Drum of 170Kg
  3. Plastic cans of 625g and 16Kg.
  2. Avoid all contact with skin and eyes and avoid breathing vapors (No smoking)
  3. Do not store or use near heat, flames or sparks.
  4. Keep container closed when not in use.
  5. This product is an extremely flammable mixture. Ensure good ventilation by means of extraction (local exhaust ventilation).Use only with positive fresh air cross- ventilation.
  6. Hazard symbol: Flammable
One year if stored in closed original packing in a dry and cool place away from direct light and heat.
Use the adhesive above 15ºC. Surfaces to be bonded should be free from dust, dirt and contaminants such as oil and grease.
The adhesive can be applied with standard spray equipment. Apply an even coat on one surface (for extra strength, apply the adhesive on both surfaces). Join surfaces together and apply pressure over the entire working area.
  1. Uncured adhesive can be cleaned with Acetone
  2. Cured adhesive is removable with a hand tool.
  3. Do not use copper or brass container for storage.
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