Tiger PVC cement for high pressure application

Tiger PVC cement for high pressure application H-PR500

Transparent solvent based welding adhesive is a mixture of rubber polymers, concentrators and stabilizers dissolved in a mixture of solvents, formulated to provide a strong joint and seal, when joining rigid PVC pipes and fittings. The product is fast setting, suitable for high pressure applications, specially developed for professional use in construction & DIY. It has excellent resistance to water and oils.

Uniform & viscous liquid.

  1. Viscosity: 7100±400 cps at 23ºC by Brookfield LV DV-II+,63 spindle, 10r.p.m
  2. Solid Content: ≥20%
  3. Consistency: Easy flowing
  4. Density: 0.96± 0.01 g/cm3
  5. Color: White translucent
  6. Drying Time: 10-15 min
The adhesive is particularly used for high pressure rigid PVC pipes/profiles/drainpipes.
Limitations: The adhesive is not suitable for soft and flexible PVC and will not adhere to some plastics e.g. polyethylene or polypropylene.
Packaging (Net Weights):
  1. Aluminum tube of 100cc (96g)
  2. Metal cans of 250g, 750gr and14Kg
  2. Avoid all contact with skin and eyes and avoid breathing vapors (No smoking)
  3. Do not store or use near heat, flames or sparks
  4. Keep container closed when not in use.
  5. This product is an extremely flammable mixture. Ensure good ventilation by means of extraction (local exhaust ventilation).Use only with positive fresh air cross- ventilation.
  6. Hazard symbol: Flammable – Harmful
12 months, if stored in original closed packing in a dry and cool place away from direct light and heat.
Use/Keep the adhesive above 15ºC.
Use small brushers for small diameters and large brushers for large diameters pipe.
Apply the adhesive to the inside of the fitting in a thin and even coat, stroking the adhesive around the surface.
In the same way, the adhesive should be applied on the pipe-end in a bit thicker layer.
Immediately push the joint together without twisting and hold for 10min in this position. (Make sure that the couplings are set to the proper angles before the glue hardens.)
Remove any surplus adhesive.
For professional use, wait 24 hours after the last bonding before filling the pipes or performing leak tests.
For repair purposes, 8 hrs. is appropriate waiting time before charging the line.
  1. Uncured adhesive can be cleaned with Acetone.
  2. Cured adhesive is removable with a hand tool.
  3. Do not use copper or brass container for storage.
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